FUJISL Elevator is a product of SL elevator Co., Ltd. It is a professional elevator manufacturing service provider trusted by customers.
Since its establishment, it has always been committed to deeply understanding the market demand, providing customers with excellent quality elevator&escalator products and excellent services, and continuous improvement and innovation in manufacturing technology and technology research and development, so as to provide building transportation solutions meeting customers’ needs for the increasingly urbanized human living environment.

Traffic. Established in 2002, SL Elevator Co., Ltd. is located in nanxun ancient town, a 5A scenic area on the south bank of Taihu lake in northern zhejiang province, which is an elevator industry cluster. The transportation is very convenient, 1-2 hours’ drive to Shanghai, hangzhou and suzhou.
Strength. With a registered capital of 260 million yuan, the company has a modern elevator production base covering an area of about 60,000 square meters and a strong research and development center. It has a standard elevator test tower 80 meters high, which can carry out functional and safety tests for vertical elevators, escalators and sidewalks of various specifications of 0.5~6m/s.

Technology. For more than ten years, SL elevator has been mature in applying the world’s advanced technology, introducing the first-class production technology in the industry, and continuously launching products in line with the market demand and the development requirements of human society. The company has developed the world’s first four-door elevator, and its products cover more than 40 varieties, including ten series of passenger elevators, villa elevators, panoramic elevators, freight elevators, car elevators, escalators, moving walks and hydraulic elevators. In addition to meeting the domestic market demand for products, but also exported to Russia, Australia, Japan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Peru, UAE and more than 20 countries and regions.

FUJI SL elevator with IC card access… – SL Elevator
Mei – FUJI SL elevator with IC card access control, rear wall half height mirror, dual illumination button for bank project in Kazakhstan.
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Sendi Ardidja – Direktur – PT. ADHI JAYA INDONESIA |
SL FUJI Elevator and Escalator Authorized. PT. … FUJI SL LIFT & Escalator … Elevator/Lift-Escalator -Travelator-Cargo Lift-Dumbwaiter di Elevator/Lift-Escalator …


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SAMS Brand Sub-Station, Manufacturing; Generator (UK, Tukrey, China); Elevator (Lift); Fuji HD, Fuji, SL Elevator, Matiz; Fire Fighting System (UK, USA, …

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Jul – Pilihan merk produk fujita lift elevator yang digunakan digunakan untuk modernisasi passenger elevator tersebut adalah eks FUJI SL, DLT Delta Lift …
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