Sell FUJI HITECH Passenger Lifts with Quality, Safety, and Style.

Sell FUJI HITECH Passenger Lifts: Quality, Safety, and Style”

PT Centro Adhikarsa Utama, an esteemed Authorized Agent for FUJI HITECH Elevators and a leading Lift Contractor in Indonesia, proudly presents top-notch services in the procurement and installation of Passenger Lifts. We offer comprehensive solutions for your elevator needs, including after-sales services with ample spare parts availability at reasonable prices.

Our Product Advantages:

  1. Full One-Year Warranty on All Spare Parts: We understand the critical importance of a reliable elevator for day-to-day operations. Therefore, every purchase of a FUJI HITECH Passenger Lift from us includes a full one-year warranty for all spare parts, providing extra security and assurance that your elevator will operate optimally.
  2. Full Hairline Stainless Steel Design: Our elevators boast a premium design using Full Hairline Stainless Steel material, providing not only an elegant appearance but also ensuring resilience and durability against diverse environmental conditions.
  3. Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) Included: Safety is our top priority. Every FUJI HITECH Passenger Lift comes equipped with ARD, a crucial feature that ensures passenger safety in emergency situations. ARD automatically directs the lift to the safest floor in case of an emergency.
  4. Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Controller Set: Our elevators are equipped with a VVVF Controller Set that optimizes lift performance by regulating voltage and frequency variably. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also provides a smoother and more comfortable user experience.

Pricing Information and Additional Services:

The listed prices are for standard floor quantities in Jakarta or Surabaya. For other floor quantities or installations outside these cities, please contact us for further information. We are ready to provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Additionally, we offer Luxury Cabin options and various other types to suit your design preferences and requirements.

Discover the best solution for your elevator needs with FUJI HITECH Passenger Lifts. Full warranty, stainless steel, ARD, and VVVF controller – all designed to elevate your experience. Contact us now!

Feel free to reach out to PT Centro Adhikarsa Utama via WhatsApp at 08ll-8l3-5OOO. We are delighted to provide further information, consultations, and assist you in finding the most suitable lift solution for your project. High-quality elevators with reliable service, only at PT Centro Adhikarsa Utama.

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